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Indicator (PRO): Free 7-day trial

  • Do you offer a trial period? Yes, you can try all features and tools available on the indicator for 7 days.
  • Do you charge for starting trial period? No, We don’t charge for starting trial period. In 7 days after you started the trial period, it will automatically expire and your subscription will be renewed as the paid monthly plan. You will be billed on month-by-month basis, you can check prices here.

Indicator: Free demo

We offer a FREE demo for all users. No need to subscribe on Simply go to your Tradingview charts and search for “ (demo)”. The demo is restricted to daily timeframe only. You can check the demo here.

Add the indicator to your chart

  • Sign up on
  • On, go to your chart (Bitcoin, Amazon…) and click on Indicators
  • Type and search for “”
  • Add it to your chart

How does the script work ? (Demo)

  • The LONG and SHORT signals are clearly identifiable with colored candlesticks.
  • No need to wait for signals. Set sound and email alerts to be notified.
  • Find the potential Top and bottom on any interval.
  • The intraday script is working on any time interval and any assets (Forex, Crypto…)
  • STEP 1: The Intraday indicator gives the LONG/SHORT signals (colored candlesticks + email/sound alerts)
  • STEP 2: Validate the signals with the context. (Note: Add Intraday indicator, Ichimoku Kinko Hyo, Bollinger bands, Stochastics, RSI, moving averages or any other indicators on a higher time interval to analyze the context)

Bitcoin analysis (BTC/USD)

In this demonstration we keep things simple. We added the Intraday indicator/script on a single chart in order to analyse the Bitcoin crack (2018). As you can see, after the few LONG signals, the Intraday script early alerted about a potential reversal market (Top/bottom finder). Even more, the indicator showed us when to short Bitcoin.


  • Chart 1: BTC/USD [DAY]
  • Blue/Green candlesticks: LONG (Buy) 
  • Purple/Pink candlesticks: SHORT (Sell) 

How to interpret the signals

  • Chart 1 : The Intraday indicator/script gives the signal and the perfect timing to enter in position.
  • Chart 2 : Validation with general context / momentum. Example : Price cross or bounce on MA20 or MA7 on a bigger timeframe *
  • It is essential to implement a methodology before interpreting a buy or sell signal. For example, before market opening you can identify all areas of support and resistance as well as identify whether the market is in trend or range.
  • * We strongly advice to understand the context on a higher timeframe.

BTC/USD chart with Intraday script

In this analyse, we have LONG signals (Blue/Green candlesticks), SHORT signals (Purple/Pink candlesticks) and Top/bottom finder alerts. (Click on the image)

Bitcoin crack (2017-2018)
Intraday script early alerted about potential reversal